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Remember, Southern-Charms does not allow BDSM shoots.  Please contact me privately for those.

Update 1: Veggies. Ever walk through the produce department and get very naughty ideas? I did. My photographer and I had a wonderful photo session with various sizes and shapes of those wonderful things we call vegetables. When your momma told you to be sure and have lots of vegetables, i am ! SURE she did not mean this. The USDA recommends we consume 2-1/2 cups of vegetables daily for good health. Well, I had quite a bit more than that. Of course, I don't think they recommended that vegetables be consumed in this way, either.
Update 2: Anal. My photographer has a huge anal fetish. He also has a huge cock. I never thought the two would work out. But his technique is unsurpassed. He also loosened me up with an inflatable butt plug too. Result? I LOVED it! After we cleaned up, I showed my appreciation with a thorough blow job and some nice rimming. Some guys love it, some guys don't care either way. If you love anal, you should love this shoot!            

Update! 3: Feet . Pre-pedicure, my feet are showed au naturale. That's how my photographer wanted it. Outdoors, indoors, flat and arched, my footsies were posed and photographed for your pleasure. No nail polish. No exfoliation. No frills. Just feet in their unadorned glory. Well, they did have a pair of black strappy 4 inch sandals with rhinestone accents worn for a while.

Update 4: Shower. A pleasant dinner with new friends who are in an intense dominant/submissive relationship ended up in them offering to do a photo shoot of me in their beautiful bathroom. I like my new friends. I like their shower massager too. I hope to come back and visit again soon (the friends - the shower massager is replaceable, they are not!).

Update 5: Sawhorse. A dominant had a home-made sawhorse in his gar! age. Can you say PHOTOSHOOT? Sure you can. I knew you could. My first BDSM photoshoot on Southern Charms. Hopefully many more in the future. There are some nice penetration shots in this shoot.

Update 6: Close-ups. Put a photographer with a new state-of-the-art digital professional camera together, and you get a guy who wants to take close-ups of your body, showing the curves and planes of the female body. Which gets more interesting the more stimulated she is. And which gets downright fascinating when she reaches climax.

Update 7: Self-abuse. A new piece of furniture arrives, my reclining genitorture chair. Of course when you get something new, you have to try it out. Just to make sure it works. Did it work? You be the judge. The fine folks at made th! is sadistic contraption. I had a great time, as you will be ab! le to te ll by the moisture dripping from me. My photographer had me bring out some toys to use on myself, which even got me more excited.

Update 8: Lights. What do you get when you put a photographer together with a new light set? You get lots of color - same poses, different colors. Reds, greens, blues and yellows. He had to try different rooms - bathroom, living room, billiard room, and bedroom. The first three rooms have excellent color differences. The bedroom had too much natural light to make a difference with the lighting. No problem. That turned in to a lingerie fashion show, one of his fetishes.

Update 9: Schoolgirl. My first role-play photo shoot. It was so much fun, I will be doing many more. A pleasant surprise to me. I do self-pleasure with fingers and toys, get "ca! ught", get disciplined with a belt, and get rewarded all in the same shoot. My photographer "shot" too. Heh heh. Let's just say lollipops are not the only thing the girl has to suck.            

Update 10: Florida past, present and future. Forest, bulldozed land, and new construction. One of my favorite shoots with a favorite new photographer. A primeval forest, a newly cleared construction site complete with BIG MACHINERY and a newly constructed office complex's landscaping. All in one shoot. What happened in the forest, and on the machinery and by the bridge and pond with cattails? We explored..nature..yeah, that's it, nature. Check out the huge wet spot on my cheeky boyshorts!            

Update 11: Voyeur vision. I had several requests fo! r voyeur -type shoots. My photographer liked that idea ALOT. He invited me over to watch a video, and while he went outside to "smoke a cigarette," he told me to make myself comfortable. I stripped down to my matching blue bra and panty set, borrowed his blue kimono robe, found a book by my favorite author, and started to read it while I waited for him to get back. And waited. And waited. And read. And read. Finally he came in, and I kept reading and waiting while he was "doing something." When he told me to play with myself, I knew something was up! Only towards the end did I realize he was surruptiously snapping pictures of me since he went out for his cigarette!

Update 12: Chef coat. My photographer is a former chef. He must have been daydreaming about what he would have liked his female co-workers to wear to work. Underneath his chef's coat, I am wearing an ivory bra and panty ! set that he proceeds to make very, very VERY wet. Foot fetishists will enjoy the ending.

Update 13: Vest and Tie in Reverse. A creative way to do a shoot - backwards sequencing! I am ultimately wearing my photographer's suit vest, tie, and a coral corselette and matching g-string. That's all! At the end is a very nice cream pie series for those of you who love seeing juicy cum running out of me. Also nice upskirt shots.

Update 14: Speculum. Want to see sammie REALLY up close and personal? My photographer tied me up to his massage table gynecologist-style and my metal speculum was inserted into me, and there's my internal hotbox in all its glory just for your viewing pleasure. Turned out my photographer got very turned on by it and had me give him oral and vaginal pleasu! re while still in bondage on his massage table and hogtied on ! my belly , and then he gives me what I want - a nice, long, hard session of meat in my breadbox. You can see the results, as he shot his load on my chest, and there is a satisfied smile on my face.

Update 15: Toybag tour. A firm believer that "she who has the most toys wins," all my vanilla sex toys were gathered for a photo shoot of "show and tell....and use." Insertable and vibrating toys of all kinds make this a very pleasurable shoot.

Update 16: More Toybag. The toys just keep coming out of that toybag, and are used one by one on me. Acrylic, rubber, latex, plastic, you name it, I had it. And used it.

BONUS ISSUES 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These were pictures that went over the li! mit allowed to be posted in the regular updates, but definitely needed to be posted to complete the sets.

Update 17: Dominance and submission. Arriving at a bdsm session all grins and hugs, but quickly transforming into seriousness as the dominant begins the session by commanding me to undress, prepare, and unveil the spanking bench which will be used for that session. There is something about a naturally dominant male that resonates deep within my soul. Special thanks to for the wonderful spanking bench.

Update 18: Flogger art. Floggers of all colors, sizes, shapes and weights are strategically placed on my body to show an artistic vision of how beautiful the toys of the trade can be. I was also treated to the dom licking my pink parts to get me ready! for the session. Dominance and submission being the focus of ! the next shoot, he began to command me to crawl to him and put me in the submissive frame of mind The spanking bench in this shoot was made by john and starla of Several of the floggers, including my purple falls with the stainless steel knob handle was made by Fleegle of Fleegle's Floggers.

Update 19: Sexual dominance. Cock worship, hair pulling, Russian tit sex, 69, finger-anal penetration, and gagging are all a part of the sexual domination in which I willingly participate.

Update 20: Vibrating Eggs part I. A fan requested a custom shoot of me inserting as many vibrating eggs as I had into myself. I inserted four, and they buzzed away happily, constantly distracting me from my activities. He wanted me to get dressed in my most conservative clothing: a long ! skirt, blouse, nylon pantyhose, and heels...and go out wearing the buzzing eggs!

Update 21: Vibrating Eggs part II. Going about my business, fully dressed in conservative clothes, with the vibrating eggs buzzing inside me, proved to be difficult. My pantyhose got soaking wet from all the vaginal stimulation! I arrive home, strip off my clothes, expel the eggs, and show the results.

Update 22: Messy shoot part 1. This was a blast. Bananas. Kiwi fruit. Grapes. Papaya. Nectarines. Peaches. Mangoes. LOTS more. From plain to exotic, it was squished with my BARE FEET. Toes, heels, arches and soles crushed these lovely pieces of fruit to smithereens and then they were slathered all over my body. And I couldn't help but reach down and keep tasting the luscious sweet fruit.

Update 23: Messy shoot part 2. Eggs. Black cherry yogurt. Chocolate pudding. Nothing is sacred as I wear the food that is slick and gooey, all over my body. Of course I taste the yogurt and the pudding. This was a FUN shoot - I enjoyed the sensation of food on my body more than I ever thought I would. And eating the creamy yogurt and chocolate pudding when mixed with my own juices....well....YUMMY.

Update 24: Shower. Of course. What follows a messy food shoot, naturally. Shampoo fetishists with luxurious lathering, foot fetishists, big boob fetishists and big butt fetishists should like this one.

Update 25: Wake up. Cowboy4u and I were taking a nap. But not for long. He gets turned on having nekkid wimmen next to him. Go figure. How a domina! nt man wakes up a submissive female. (Sigh of contentment.) Ride 'um Cowboy. He didn't take much time getting me nice and ready, and made me show him just how ready I was by having me beg with my mouth and lips for his well endowed piece. He threw a little flogger action in there to spur me along. At the end, he shot his load on my belly, which felt so nice and HOT on my skin.

Update 26: Foot worship. Fetish Fantasy and I are lounging around in our nighties reading magazines when I notice her pretty painted red toes. I cannot help myself...licking, sucking, caressing...I give her a foot bath with my mouth and worship her tootsies. Delicate arches, painted toesies! She purrs with contentment. I get turned on that I am pleasuring her!

Update 27: BDSM foreplay. We BDSMers ! do foreplay quite a bit different from vanilla folks. Hairpull! ing, res trainsts, twisting, pinching, pulling, slapping, spanking, biting....oh baby, light my fire! For the most part, Cowboy4U and I are serious in this shoot. The smiles on our faces are because our photographer was saying, "OOOH, that looks HOT!", and "OOOOH, sexy!!!" and "I am trying to rub myself while taking these pictures!" There was a lot of good sexual energy in the room, needless to say! Kissing and caressing was as about vanilla as it got. Within moments, my hair was being pulled, my wrists were being bound behind my back with leather cuffs, my ass was being spanked, and my tits were being cropped with a leather horse crop. And then, after being fully undressed and internally poked, prodded and stretched, I am ready for sex.

Update 28: BDSM foreplay's consequence: Penetration. The culmination of the foreplay in Update 27, Cowboy4U takes me hard and rough, continuing to! spank my ass, pull my hair, and forcing me to suck him. Just the way I like it. Positioning me in various ways to better access my sopping wet hole, and to better reach his staff, he makes me wetter and makes me make him harder. Mounting me from behind, he finally plunges in, taking me like the slut I am. To finish off, he withdraws and leaves his deposit on my buttcheeks. A kiss on my back above his ejaculate is reward for a job well done.

Update 29: Gangbang introduction. Well, half of the guys had to cancel at the last minute, but I entertained three handsome gentlemen. We I felt chemistry with each and every man there. I did not want the fun to end. This part starts with me greeting my guests as they arrive, and moves to the party room, where we start to get intimately acquainted with each other.
Upda te 30: Gangbang Part II. The clothes come off and intimate contact begins. Lots of foreplay, lots of oral sex, lots of PLEASURE for everyone. Oral, anal, vaginal, fingering, and much more, as I am pleasuring three men at once.

Update 31: Gangbang Part III. Oh yeah, now we're talking, here we go, let me at 'em, come on baby, ride it hard, oh yeah... um, carried away. All three men penetrate me in EVERY HOLE. I am a very happy slut. A slut's dream come true: Several well endowed men, all mine! The sheets come off the mattress from all the action, and plenty of stains are left behind. I end the shoot with a big smile on my face, with hands all over my body.
Update 32: The Wet Set. Finally, my first wet set! Love it love it love it. BIG BOOBS, BIG BUTT, WET CLOTHES, FOOT FETISH - it's all there folks. This was one of my favorite ones. Vey sensual sensations as my clothes got satuated, and every inch of clothing clinging to my body like a second skin. I think I understand the attraction for the wet fetish now. Definitely will do more of these. And the feet! i think my feet, freshly pedicured, in four inch black strappy heels, looked very sexy with the mirror-like quality of the water reflecting off my tootsies. And of course, my photographer (lingerie admirer that he is) had to get some photos of me just in my undies - you bubble butt fans and big boobage fans will like those.

Update 33: Heating Up in the Kitchen. It started out so innocent - two ladies planning on whipping up a quick breakfast - until our thoughts ! wander elsewhere...I am stripped of my clothes piece by piece,! and of course I return the favor....the kitchen is getting hot, and the oven isn't even turned on yet! Fetish Fantasy SC2 and I get more heated as our cooking gets more intimate.

Update 34: Someone's in the Kitchen with Sammie. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I goof off in the kitchen, and since we are both into BDSM, we have a little light play with spanking each other with spatulas. And then we kiss and make the hurt go away. Yes, there is tongue. Mmmmmmmm!

Update 35: Heating Up the Kitchen. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I finish what we started. I am helped up to the kitchen countertop, where my head barely clears the overhanging cabinet, as FF treats me to some delicious feminine attention. Conveniently, everything is the perfect height for her to play with! Hot lesbo oral sex! Oh yeah! , light my fire!

Update 36: Nipple clamps. Nope, not for me, sorry! My good friend Michael has incredible releases through the use of nipple clamps. So when we started making out on the couch and things started getting hot and heavy, out came the clamps for him. I think they worked. You judge for yourself. We also indulged in mutual oral pleasures. One of my favorite things....

Update 37: Nipple clamps, part II. Nope, not on me again, sorry! Hee hee. Michael fingers me, I give him oral, and then he does me doggy-style, all while he keeps those cruel nipple clamps on himself. He has a Prince Albert piercing, which I enjoy fully as it gives him a little something extra inside me.

Update 38: A Balcony and a Box (or, Thinking Outsid! e the Bo x). Wearing a see-through black tube dress, my photographer takes shots of me basking in the warm December Florida sun, five stories up in a condo right on the Gulf of Mexico. The weather was PERFECT! Getting a little warm, I go inside to cool off with a bottle of water. The glass table top makes for some interesting shoots as my photographer has me press my breasts and nipples hard unto the table top, and takes photos from down below. Then we move to an inviting window box. This is where you bubble butt fans will be in your glory. Photo after photo after photo of my big bubble butt is taken, using the window ledge to full advantage. Also ordered to play with myself, I do, and enjoy it. These were taken at a member's condo right on the beach. Thank you, Nemo. (kisses)            

Update 39: Mirror, Mirror. I was taking a break d! uring shoots and was watching TV, but my photographer started shooting anyways, because it seems like people enjoy looking at women dressed only in lingerie on a couch. Whatever. I think the background scenery, the Gulf of Mexico, was much more enjoyable. My photographer beckoned me into the bathroom, and had me climb up on top of the marble countertop, and started playing with mirrors. Several interesting shots came out of that. Then he summoned me back to the bedroom, and had me undress on the bed, and posed me in positions that look like I am ready and willing to be taken. Indeed, I always am! The sun started setting, so he had me back over to the window, had me kneel on the couch facing the ocean, and started snapping away. And finally, I am put in direct sunlight and told to watch the sunset as he starts taking photos. I thought the sun looked too cruel, so I changed some of these exposures to black and wh! ite. Hope you enjoy. The pensive look on my face? I tend to le! t my thoughts drift when I am looking at beautiful scenery, es! pecially water. Very calming, but also leads to introspection.

Update 40: Reflections. A balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico five stories up. A beautiful, warm, Florida December sunset. A slutty outfit sent to me by a member fan. All add up to a sultry photo shoot. Sheer black nylon blouse, leather bra underneath, vinyl mini-shirt, fishnet crotchless stockings, and 4" black heels. Thank you, Stinger. (kisses)And thank you, Nemo, for letting us shoot in your wonderful getaway home. I have the BEST fans! My photographer had fun using the sliding glass doors to the balcony overlooking the Gulf. Ordered to press my breasts, nipples and big bubble butt against the glass, he then had the sunset reflect off the glass. Nice touch! He also played with the sunset by having me pose in such a light where I would be a silhouette, with the golden rays of the setting sun behind me. Good eye! ! Also some upskirt shots for you guys who like those

Update 41: A Walk in the Woods, BDSM Style. Cowboy4u shows how a simple walk in the woods to enjoy nature turns into a BDSM fun-filled adventure! See for yourself. A little rope bondage heightens the senses. See what Cowboy4u does with his member! Nice shots of my lily white bubble butt with evidence of his use of me! And just for you foot fetishers, there are one or two photos of my painted toenails full of dirt from having to walk barefoot on the path.

Update 42: Foot Fetish Turns Into Flashing Turns Into Bi-Racial. Don't ask me how that happened! Here we were, doing a cute little foot fetish update dedicated to you viewers who love the foot in nature - mud, dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, rivers, plant-life, and suddenly! I got the urge to start flashing. We were in the middle of a ! nature p reserve on an absolutely gorgeous Florida afternoon, with no one in sight. At least, we didn't think so. Then I saw handsome Coco coming down the wood trestle stairs, and the photo shoot just took a life of its own as the chemistry between Coco and me started to spark and sizzle!

Update 43: Jungle Boogie. I honestly don't know how this one became a photo shoot. This was the first time I met Coco (Southern Gents). The first second I saw him, during daylight, I thought, "Man, this guy is HOT!" Well, as night fell, the amaretto came out, and he and I started "sharing shots." I would take a swig and then pass some to Coco through very deep kisses. Somehow, the bottle disappeared. Quickly. Surely we spilled it, right? Surely we didn't drink the whole bottle, did we??? We decided to "practice" for tomorrow's shoots and see if there was any chemistry between us. Looking at that m! andingo manhood, it is probably a safe bet to say he felt a bit of chemistry. I certainly couldn't resist sampling that totem pole. And when he put me on the picnic table and began to return the favor, whatever liquid may have been spilled certainly was made up for by the wetness being formed between my legs. Coco was told I liked my hair pulled. So he did it. And ke! pt doing it. And kept doing it. Coco was told I liked to be kissed. So he did it. And kept doing it. And kept doing it. Coco was told I liked to be spanked. So he did it. And did it again. Coco got very turned on, and so did our photographer, Cowboy4u, who gave up photographer duty and joined Coco in hauling me to a nearby tent by my hair, where we engaged in a threesome. Damn. Too bad there was no chemistry. Sometimes I just HATE my job! (LOL!) Foot fetishers, we threw in some for you too. How could we forget you? And big butt fetishers, the last few before the threesome in the tent is for you. And for you bi! -racial fans....well, ENJOY!!! I sure did!

Update 44: Green recliner, yellow nightie, orange towel. No, none of the colors match, but are you really going to be looking at the colors? My photographer had me sit in his moleskin green recliner, and started directing me in his usual fashion. Here are the results! Hope you enjoy.

Update 45: The Birthday Shirt. Southern-Charms sends their models a birthday present. This year, the gift was a black T-Shirt with the Southern-Charms logo and motto on the back and front. My photographer and I thought it was only fitting that we dedicate a shoot to this. And what to wear underneath? Well, the most comfortable thing with a nice, soft cotton T-Shirt would be, of course, a pair of grannie panties! And that is just what we did. Thank you, Southern-Charms, for my birthday T-Shirt. I am very proud to wear ! it!

Update 46: Introducing The Mouse. The Mouse is a complex creature. Hardworking, loyal, dedicated employee in a very, very boring job, wearing ultra-conservative clothing on the outside, she is hiding an oversexed creature of lust under her mousy wardrobe. Meet the Mouse. She just came home from work and is going through her mail. She comes across a fan letter from an ardent BBW lover and starts to write her reply to him. She needs another pen and opens up her desk drawer. And what should she discover there, but her good friend, "King Kong." This is where The Mouse's true personality comes out. Off come the librarian-look glasses. Up comes the skirt. Off comes the shirt. Out comes the boobs. Oh my. The Mouse SHOULD be wearing an old-fashioned white bra with matching grannie panties. But what is under her clothes? A sexy pale, creamy beige bra with matching silky satin ! panties, and thigh high black stockings with lacy tops. What a! naughty mouse.

Update 47: ROUGHING it? Another wonderful camping trip with Fetish Fantasy (SC2). The menfolk were called away to work, so us womenfolk figured we would keep ourselves busy . . . pleasuring each other. I prepared a picnic table in a sun-dappled clearing near our campsite with a nice waffle foam pad and a thick comforter, so make a nice soft table. Prepared with massage oil and my strong hands, I entice Fetish Fantasy to the makeshift massage table for our afternoon delight. This is part I and is her warm-up. I massage her neck, back, shoulders and lovely rounded buttocks with the oil glistening on her skin, and then show you her beautiful pink parts.

Update 48: ROUGHING IT? part II. The menfolk are still away from camp working, and us womenfolk decided to explore! the gentler side of camping. I started massage Fetish Fantasy (SC2) in part I. This is the continuation, and the conclusion. FF got very relaxed with my warm massage oil and deep kneading strokes on her muscles, and as she enjoyed the ministrations, I got a little more intimate with her. I enjoyed tasting her feminine core, and feeling the inside too - she achieved a very satisfying climax, and we kiss afterwards in a celebration of womanhood.


Update 50: Strap-On. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I are left at the campsite another day as the men go to work. I take advantage of the quiet and the fresh air and the break in action, and after refreshing myself with a nice tall glass of water, take off my bra and head into the tent on the very comfy air mattress. Once again, I plan to take a nap. Once again, FF decides otherwise. She is such a mean domme!!!! She looks through ! my toys and finds my vibrating, inflatable strap-on. After figuring out how it works, she dons it. Entering the tent, she makes me suck it good as I wake up from my very short nap. She takes me missionary style and then flips me over and takes me doggie-style. Lots of hair pulling, and lots of dirty feet for you dirty feet fetishists. She does not have me clean it update 49, she did have me clean off my vibrator with my juices still on it, and then joined me in cleaning it off, and then finishing off with us kissing. I can taste m! yself on both the vibrator and her mouth. But this time, she did not make me do that. But, because of the passersby on the road who accidentally heard photo shoot 49, this time she stuck my panties in my mouth so no one would hear!

Update 51: Night Moves. It is dark, our bellies are full of pork chops cooked over an open fire, the star! s are out, the amaretto is flowing, and poor Cowboy4u is relax! ing afte r a long, hard day at work, joining us at the campsite.

I am a submissive at heart, and I love to give people pleasure. So I take matters into my own hands, literally, and start to give Cowboy a nice massage, working the knots out of those muscles that he has been using all day. He starts to get very sleepy, and slumps over in pleasure. Until I start massaging his front. Things start getting a little excited at this point. You can see Cowboy's "tent pole" start to wake up, as my massage starts to get quite sensual. Cowboy makes me suck him and give him head. He pulls my hair and sets the pace, and gets me going in a nice rhythm. And then....before I can bring him to climax, he decides to reciprocate! Boy am I a lucky subbie sammie or what???!!!

Update 52: Night Moves, pa! rt II. Cowboy4u (SG) decides to reciprocate what I started in Update 51. Yup, I am treated to some fabulous oral and digital stimulation! OOOOHH MYYYY! You can see my reaction in the very up-close-and-personal shots at the very end. Just a BIT excited, eh? You betcha! I know I climaxed. How many times, I can't tell you anymore. It was a chilly night in the middle of the woods, the campfire was warm, but the amaretto made us even warmer - and made me lose count. By the way, I am usually shaved. But this growth is almost two months old. Long story, don't ask! But Cowboy LOVES "fur." So, before the lawn is mowed, he enjoys it while he can.

Update 53: Night Moves Part III - The Grande Finale! Update 51, part 1, had me pleasuring Cowboy4u (SG) orally. Update 52, part II, showed him pleasuring me orally and manually. The natural conclusion, of course, is this update. My poor ca! mping chair had a workout, as Cowboy takes me missionary style! , then I decide to ride the Cowboy, and boy did I ever! And finally we end up with me clutching the chair as Cowboy rides me doggie style. Nice shots of his ejaculation on my back. Hairpulling too. This was also one of those unplanned photo shoots that came about very suddenly. My make-up was long gone, my face was in definite need of a powder, and my clothes were for warmth, not for style! But, we never pass up a photo shoot when the opportunity presents itself. Camping, at its finest - all natural, raw, dirty, primitive and wild!

Update 54: Foot Spa. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) loooooves to get her feet worshipped. How convenient - as I happen to LOVE to perform foot worship! There is a lot going on in this update - her feet are cleaned with water that is treated with spa minerals in a portable foot spa, I exfoliate her feet with peppermint silica cream, I paint her toenails bright red! with nail polish, she is wearing leather, she is smoking a cigar, she plays with my nipples, I worship her secret spot, she pulls my hair, we kiss, I slide a finger or two into her love canal....And just for good measure, a picture of my bubble butt clad in denim shorts all dirty as I get up from the ground.

Update 55: Communing with Nature. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I take a nature walk by a beautiful river in the middle of nowhere. I appreciate the view of her behind as I trail along her. We stop by a big live oak tree, where I pull out a "friend" from my pocket and set about to bring out the wild side of FF. Did I succeed? I definitely do enjoy pleasuring FF, which comes through loud and clear as she moans her agreement. This is a different type of update for me - with video clips instead of all photos. Hope you like this format!
Updat e 56: Easter Bunny. Fetishfantasy (SC2) turns into the Easter Bunny. Cowboy4u (SG) goes off to dreamland wishing the Easter Bunny would bring him a nice surprise. She does! Sammie is decked out in green grass, Easter eggs and spring flowers. Starting off with a sensual eating of a chocolate bunny rabbit, and moving onto a full blown three-some between the Easter Bunny, Cowboy4u and sammie, with girl-on-girl action, hairpulling, dildo play, oral all the way around, and all hands on breasts, it turned out to be a very egg-citing time!

Update 57: Easter Bunny, Part ?? Oops, I messed up. My bad. This is actually Part I. Part II was posted last week. Sorry about that. In this one, I use chocolate all over Cowboy4u's nice manmeat, and slurp it all up. Mmmm Mmmm good! Many thanks to Fetish Fantasy (SC2) who so graciously lent her husband for the luscious chocolate hotdog. Green p! lastic grass, spring flowers adorning my hair and body, pastel plastic easter eggs and pretty lilac-colored bra and panties set the scene. And for an extra bonus, along with the explicit fully nude shots, are three video clips, just for you great fans who are so loyal.

Since these two sets were mixed up by yours truly, please allow me to take you back to set 56, where you can see rare photos of my three month growth of muff hair (which by the way, is now GONE again! LOTS of big white bubble butt shots for all you big butt fans.

Update 58: Shaving Fetish Fantasy Part I. I had forgotten about this shoot - it was done quite awhile ago and got lost in my harddrive while searching for my muff shaving photo shoot. I was feeling in a very submissive mood and FF mentioned that ! she needed to shave her legs. That of course made me think to ! myself, "Why don't I give her some pleasure and do the shaving for her?" I take her upstairs to my bathroom shower, and give her a nice fluffy soft blue towel to wear. I personally think the blue of the towel set off her beautiful glowing tan. Look at the contrast of her skin - me lily white and she tanned like a goddess. Using nice shaving foam, I cream up her legs with my hands, sliding that foam up and down and all around her sexy tanned legs, and start to shave them ever-so-carefully and gently with a razor. I like to write words in that shaving cream and scrawled a few here and there. She seemed to really relax and enjoy the sensations of being served ! by a woman who cares for her. I enjoyed it too - what nice way to show a friend you love her. I highly recommend you shave your loved one, no sexual touching!!! Just shave him/her and serve her. It is highly erotic although nonsexual.

Update 59: Shaving Fetish Fantasy part II. Now we move up to the thighs, where you can see Fetish Fantasy's unshaven muff. I pay loving attention to her thighs and knees, shaving every hair off, and have fun writing words in the creamy lather of the shaving cream. Then I move up to her sensitive armpits and shave her armpit hair away. m Rinsing off all the shaving cream thoroughly from her legs and armpits, I then gently towel her off to get her skin dry, and we finish the shaving session in a hug. This is a nonsexual yet erotic photo shoot of one submissive female intimately serving a dominant female. Not to forget you big butt fans, there are a few photos of my denim-shorts clad big butt just for you.

Update 60: My Turn for Shaving. I never have liked pubic hair on me. As a teenager, when the hormones started kicking in, I was plucking out those hairs as fast a! s they were growing in. Throughout the years, I plucked, shave! d, depil ated, waxed, and finally epilated. Plucking is very time consuming. Shaving can cut and cause bumps. Depilating can burn skin if left on too long. Waxing is difficult to do in that area by yourself. Epilating HURTS but that's ok. I like that, heh heh. The hair grows in more and more sparse the more you epilate. As you can see in the paid section, three months' worth of muff fur did not grow a heck of a lot. It is pretty thin. Surprisingly, I got a lot of positive fan mail from gents who like the full bush. I am very sorry to disappoint you, but I just don't like that look on me. So, Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and Cowboy4u (SG) graciously put me on my genitorture bondage chair and had fun shaving the muff. Of course he had to clean it up ! afterwards with alcohol which stung, but hey, he's a good sadist. And I liked it! And then FF used my vibrator to give me pleasure while CB4U kept me on edge. As a sensation junkie, I was loving every minute of it.

Update 61: BAD DAY! Everything went wrong. Everything. The cat threw up on the carpet so I was late for my meeting. As I am passing out my bid for the job, I look down and see the manicure that I just got yesterday, already chipping. To my horror, after the meeting I later discover I have two huge runs in my crotchless pantyhose. My feet by the end of the day are KILLING me. I just want to take off those four inch heels and give my poor little tootsies a break. I was dead tired from putting together the proposal and the bid the night before. I cannot even make it home without one more event to end my rotten day – a car with a careless driver rear ends me at a stoplight. I need to get home. I need to unwind. I need….. I need….. SOMETHING! But what? I am a single gal, so I have to make my own fun somet! imes. So I do….What do I do? Well, you can visit and look under their sex toy categor! y, and see what they sell in a nice velvety black pouch….no, i! t is not a liquor bottle! Something better. Something that takes the stress away. Something that makes me SMILE at the end of my day.

Update 62: Spiral Staircase. Orchid (, FetishFantasy ( and I had a little spiral staircase fun together before we each went off and did our own photo shoots using the staircase. My shoot consists of plenty of upskirts, thigh highs, high heels, braless tight tank top, and short mini-skirt with a thong underneath, and BIG BUTT shots. I show my stuff on the spiral staircase, and then work my way down to the lounge chair next to the pool on the lanai. I get very comfy so I can play with my luscious 40DD breasts, and then move the thong out of the way to give myself some afternoon pleasure as I bask in the sun. Lots of nice pink shots, in close up, for you.
Update 63: Saltwater pool part I. This should please just about everybody. Big butt. Foot fetish. Wet set. Upskirt. Torn stockings. Ruined makeup. Nipples. I came down the spiral staircase in update 62, of course I have to check out the saltwater pool. The water was COLD. You can see that for yourself instantly as my nipples PUCKER UP into little pebbles. My clothes get completely wet as I submerge them under the water. My honey pot finds the water jets and lets them do their magic. My expression says it all. Then I climb up rocks to get to the fountain, letting the water shower over me. My stockings tear on the rough rocks. Lots of upskirt shots, and big butt shots as I try to gain my footing on the rocks.

Update 64: ! Murphy ( bondage)bed. And that is what this photo shoot is all about. Bondage. Actually, objectification would be more accurate. I am enclosed in a Murphy bed, and my only purpose in life is to be the plaything of Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and Cowboy4u (SG). They are feeling frisky, and they want a little spice in their encounter, so they go to the Murphy bed, where their little bondage bunny is waiting to be used. Cowboy4u pulls down the Murphy bed, and VOILA! There is their plaything, all bound up with nowhere to go! Wearing nothing but a leather full body harness and leather head harness, and steel ankle and wrist cuffs, steel collar, and nipple clamps, I am all ready to be their play toy. Fetish Fantasy begins giving Cowboy4u a wonderful blow job. As he stiffens and gets bigger and bigger and bigger, they roll all over me, and position themselves over me, totally ignoring me except to play with my nipple clamps whenever it amuses them. Cowboy4u's shi! rt is stripped off, and carelessl! y thrown over my face, further emphasizing my feeling of complete objectification. Now, I cannot see them. No more enjoying watching their mutual pleasure. I can only hear their pleasurable moans and groans. I am not even allowed to lick Fetish Fantasy's honeypot, even though it is positioned just INCHES over me. Total torment. Cruel! I try and try, lifting my head and neck as far as my restraints will allow, but I just cannot reach it!! Fetish Fantasy decides it's time for some good ole strap-on sex, and I am used for her pleasure. I am allowed to suck on the strap-on to lube it up, before it is inserted in me. The vibrating panty is turned on, and Fetish Fantasy receives pure pleasure from the vibrations hitting all the right spots. They continue to torment and use me, and then when they are finished, I am folded back up into the bed, until their next encounter. Credit goes to JOHN and STARLA of a! nd for the ankle/wrist/collar steel res! traints, the full body harness, and the head harness. Nipple c! lamps, t oo! Also, check out their websites to see more photos of me, modeling some of their wonderful products. They are my favorite vendors, for good reason.

Update 65: Nighttime Swim. Florida in August. Hot, sultry, humid, steamy. When there is a big, beautiful saltwater pool beckoning you to jump in for a skinny dip, who can say no? Especially when combined with a vibrator to finish off the swim in a special way? I luxuriate in the sensual water as it covers my body - my neck, my nipples, my stomach, my legs....the jets of the pool hit me in the right places, and the waterfall caresses my shoulders and neck. I swim to the side of the pool where the vibrator awaits......

Update 66: The Bidet and the Blowjob. I was first introduced to one five or six years ago when a play partn! er let me use his. The bidet is not normally used to urinate. It is used primarily to cleanse the genitals - more akin to a washbasin. There are jets of water strategically placed to hit the female genitalia and the anus. This is all wonderful if you are hygienically inclined, as I am. But even better, is the sensation of the water hitting your genitalia. You can use the knobs to adjust the temperature, as well as the intensity of the two water streams. When I was invited to a very nice house to do a photo shoot, imagine my delight when I saw the bidet in the master bathroom! I situate myself juuuuuuuuuuust right, and let the water flow to my desired intensity. I make the temperature a perfect warm stream, and let the jets hit everything in just the right spot. I take my full breasts in my hands and play with them, enhancing the sensations I am feeling d! own below. Then, my Latino lover joins me by climbing on top of the bidet head, and I give him a blowjob, picking up tha! t steamy action, giving him pleasure as the jets beneath me gi! ve me pl easure!

Update 67: Hot air. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I get out of the pool from a refreshing swim, and get ready for our next photo shoot. She starts blow drying her hair with a hairdryer, and I think, "Hey, let ME do that!" So I take the blow dryer from her and start to pamper her by drying her hair. She basks in the feel of the warm air caressing her hair and skin, and I enjoy the expressions of pleasure on her face. Of course there is a bit of groping as I touch her breast and she plays with my kitty. Then, she decides to return the favor and dries my hair for me. Mmmmmm....that warm blast of air on my cold skin feels sooooo good! This was an impromptu photo shoot - one of those "it just happened!" things. But when you have a few couples and many cameras walking around, the funniest things tend to get photographed! This is especially for the long hair fetishists, and fo! r the bathing suit fetishists.

Update 68: Sex and the Steamroom. My hot Latino lover and I discover a steamroom. We turn on the shower and get the temperature just right, and then turn on the steam activator. We touch each other in a slow caress, letting the sexual attraction build, and then I start to wet him down with water while he uses his fingers to start my internal waterworks! A few good french kisses here and there help set the mood. Towards the end, I start to lather him up in preparation of giving him a nice soapy, sudsy handjob.

Photo Update 69: Sex and the Steamroom part II. My Latino lover is given a very soapy, sudsy handjob which gets him hard as a rock. He has me stand up and lean over, using the steamroom tile for balance. Entering me from behind, he us! es me like a good slut but that is not enough! He takes me to ! the othe r side of the steam room and has me lean over the built-in shelf. Now he takes me anally from behind, while I use the shower massager to stimulate myself as well as his balls. I have an explosive climax, and he comes not too much further behind me. But he is still not done! He has me lather him up again, rinse him off, and now has me give him a blowjob while I use the massager on my privates and on his, cleaning up all the soapy residue. Finally, he is sated, and as the steamroom gets filled more and more with the hot sensual steam, it is more and more difficult to see us through the camera lens, but we end our steamroom sex session with a kiss.

Update 70: Sink and Shampoo. This photo shoot was a special request from a fan who has a major shampoo fetish. He was very explicit as to what shots he wanted and how to photograph them. Some specifics: He wanted me bent over a dee! p basin sink, with each step of the wetting, shampooing, conditioning and drying process done a certain way, and lots of shots of my ass as I am bent over. You will notice lather on my neck and chest, going down the sink, my hair in a Mohawk with lather.....all were his suggestion…and shots from the floor looking straight up to a direct view of my….pink parts! If you have any specific request that you would like to see done, please e-mail me! I love to please!
Update 71: Forbidden Planet. I am beamed down to a planet that is supposed to be a parallel to earth. However, the only sign of life I come in contact with is an evil she-devil. She stalks me, seizes me, and drags me by the hair to do evil, wicked things to me. My red phaser does nothing to stop her a! nd she easily disarms me of it. The devil-woman forces all pri! soners t o worship her feet. And she does unspeakable, dastardly things with the four inch heels of her shoes, and then mine. Especially for all you foot fetishers, panty hose fetishers and long nail fetishers, there is lots to see. My perfectly moon-shaped lily white ass is no match for the evil she-devil.

Update 72: Lil Troublemaker (Part I). Mama is making a quick lunch out on the grill after church. I am bored. Bored BORED B O R E D. I tell mama I wanna go play in the garden. Mama says, "NO!" Mama is mean. Mean MEAN M E A N. I am a bad lil girl. I go play in the garden anyway. I am bad. Bad BAD B A D. I get my feet all dirty. My knees too. And my butt. My big bubble butt gets all dirty. Dirty DIRTY D I R T Y. And then I am r e a l l y bad. I take the hand hoe and touch my private parts with it, top and bottom, and I stick it in me really far. I get all tingly down there. I am a! nasty lil girl. Nasty NASTY N A S T Y. Uh oh. Mama sees me. I am in trouble. BIG trouble. Next week, you will see the spanking she gives me. I am sorry, mama. I am such a bad, dirty, nasty lil girl.
Update 73: Lil Troublemaker (Part II). Mama caught me getting my pretty outfit all dirty. Mama was MAD!!! I was really bad. I even tore the back of my dress right open. Oh no! Mama REALLY MAD! Mama started spanking me with her grill spatula. I told her I was NOT sorry!!! Mama took me by my strawberry blonde red hair and dragged me up the deck stairs. "Look," she said. "Now I have to mend your dress! And I will never get those dirt stains out of your cute little white bobby socks with the pink ribbon trim." "I don't care!" I said. Oh, that really got her mad. WH! ACK went the spatula. Ha. Doesn't hurt me, mama! Ha ha ha. Uh ! oh. Now mama is pulling down my frilly panties. She is gonna use her hand and spank my bare lily white ass. Mmmm, her hand goes up and down, up and down, spanking my white butt. I think it is turning pink! It feels so hot! Oh, mama, I am sorry. I was a bad girl. Will you take this pretty purple flower and give me a kiss and let me know I am f! orgiven? Spankos, foot fetishers, dirty sock fetishers, pantyhose fetishers, this update is for you :-)

Update 74: Billiards, Boobs, Butts and Boots. My very bi gal-pal, Fetish Fantasy SC2 and I went to our favorite pool hall. Things started getting a little naughty. She liked my cleavage. I liked her ass. She tweaked my nipples. I squeezed her buttcheeks. She made me show her my boots with my thigh high stockings. I made her lean over far so I could see that bunny tattoo on her backside. And if you think that's not enough, just wait until n! ext update when we get downright NASTY! And continue right on top of the pool table!

Update 75: Sex on the Billiards Table. Fetish Fantasy (SC2) and I continue our photo shoot. We tease each other as we try to play a legitimate game of pool by distracting each other. She places her cute ass on the bumpers while I try to get one in the hole (ahem), and I return the favor. Pretty soon, we are kissing each other and she starts to take off my thigh high stockings and ankle high boots. She has me lay on the table where she takes off my thong and licks my pretty pink parts. That feels like heaven! A woman's tongue on my sensitive core!!! Pretty soon, she climbs on top of me on the pool table and starts grinding her groin into me. We play with each other's lovely breasts and nipples. Long nail fetish, stocking fetish, foot fetish, bisexual cunnilingus, and breast and nipple play! are all featured. Next shoot, she moves her body up to my hea! d and pe rforms facesitting on me. As she sits on my face, I crane up my neck to get every single drop of her swe! et nectar.

Update 76: Facesitting and Bootlicking. Continuation of the billiard room shoot with Fetish Fantasy SC2. Now, I pleasure her as she sits on my face on the pool table. Performing licking and sucking, cuz I love to perform cunnilingus on a sweet tasting honey pot, she gets all hot and bothered. She takes me off the pool table and commands me to dress her in her sexy black mini skirt and "LICK MY BOOTS" tank top. Look at how that tank top accentuates those luscious breasts of hers!!!! She commands me to my knees as she sits on a leather couch, and I give her a bootlicking foot worship session with all my heart and soul. She leans her head back in ecstasy. But I want more of that sweet tasting slit of hers, and she obliges, by making me lay face up on the couch,! and facesits again on me. MMMMMM I love it!

Update 77: Interracial Blowjob BBC (Big Black Cock). Moving on from the billiards room into the couples area of the adult theater, my black stud gets hard watching the porn playing on the TV, and stands at attention. I pay his manhood homage and then seat him down on a nice leather couch, and continue my service to him. We got straight down to business, without much else. . . I tend to do that when I get VERY VERY turned on!

Update 78: Big Black Cock part II. My handsome black stud stands up and I continue the blow job that was started in Update 77. We were having too much fun trying to fit his huge cock into my mouth. You can see in some photos I just cannot take it all, as hard as I try. It was making my eyes water and my n! ose run, it was so big! He's a great guy, and I really enjoyed! playing with him! There was a lot of smiles and a lot of laughs, and a lot of FUN!

Update 79: Rough Hands, Hard Cock. I am still in the gangbang room at the adult theater, and a dominant male takes over. Freeing my breasts from the black and red bra I was wearing, he takes command of my nipples and meaty flesh of my breasts and mauls them with his hands. I LOVE rough treatment! I start to get wet and feel my panties getting soaked. It feels delicious! My nipples turn into little pencil eraser tips, rock hard like little pebbles. Forcing me to my knees, he commands me to give him a blow job, which I so willingly do! Lots of hairpulling as he uses his hands in my hair to show me how fast and how hard to go. I love being treated like the slut that I am! Sorry for the broken nails! Many nails were lost in the gangbang room, opening zippers, unbuttoning buttons, and undoing! l lustful casualties of my night of cocks in the gangbang room! Watch me do one of the things i love to do best!

Update 80: Flashing at the Cabin. Fetish Fantasy SC2 and I visit a rustic wooden cabin. Being the naughty sluts that we are, we start flashing each other, groping each other, and she blows her cigarette smoke on my luscious 40DDs. Lots of BIG BUTT shots for those of you who like that lily white bubble butt of mine. Upskirt shots aplenty. My personal favorite is me humping the wooden stair post, and showing you my wet spot on my coral colored thong.

Update 81: Going to the Chapel And We're Gonna Get Naughty. FetishFantasySC2 and I find an old wooden chapel. Inside we have lesbian 69, spanking, hair pulling, groping, and lots of pink part and big butt shots.

Update 82: Behind the Woodshed. My walk through the woods takes me to a lob cabin. I hear a noise coming from the woods behind it. Curious as ever, I walk around, and find a handsome cowboy smoking a cigarette behind the woodshed. I cannot help myself. Still overcome with lust from update 81 in the chapel, I send all the right sexual signals to the handsome cowboy. He starts to caress my silky skin, tweaks my nipples, pulls my hair, drags me to my knees, and I worship his hard, throbbing member. He lifts me up, and with my hands braced on the log cabin, I lean over, bend my knees and allow him sweet entry to my pleasure hole.

Update 83: Hottub Hussy. A glass of wine, an empty wine bottle, a steamy hottub, and a hussy. Tight daisy duke denim short-shorts, tight white T-shirt that says, appropriately, "F E T I S H", looooong fingernails, sexy ! painted toenails, feet holding a wine glass, big butt shots, coral nipples, and wet clothing make this update HOT and STEAMY. The empty wine bottle goes into MY wet, hot and steamy spot.

Update 84: Happy Valentine's Day! If you like red, you better look close! I don't like the way I look in red, so I never buy it, and never wear it! But my photographer said, "Sammie, this shoot is for VALENTINE'S DAY!!! You HAVE to wear red!" So I did. And maybe it's just because I like my photographer, and we were having a really fun time taking these photos, but I liked myself in this red nightie. Or maybe it was because the material was so smooooth and silky and soft? Or maybe it was because I had beautiful RED ROSES? Or maybe it was because I had a NICE BIG DILDO to play with? be the judge! I spread my lower lips really, really wide for you in this one, so you can see my pi! nk and red parts especially for Valentine's day! Do you have a! special treat to put in my Valentine's box? Sure you do!!!

Update 85: BJ and the Balloons Part 1. I met a new girlfriend! Allow me to introduce you to BJ Mature on SC2, a new playmate of mine! She is a living doll. And she is helping me get in touch with "my inner child!" Much too serious, I am told to let my hair down and HAVE FUN! And since balloons are a MAJOR fetish these days, we decide to give you, and ourselves, a treat while we play. Mature, balloons, feet, big butts in this update. This is the first photo shoot we ever did together, and we also were working with a first-time photographer friend. All in all, it came out pretty well, and I think we became good friends rather fast, wouldn't you agree?

Update 86: BJ and the Balloons Part 2. Here we go again! BJ Mature on S! C2 invites me to her home where we meet for the first time. She feels I need to get in touch with my inner childhood! And she decides balloons are in order!!! In part 1, we blew up balloons and goofed off a bit with them. In this update, BJ and I get a bit frisky, and friendly! Big butts, bare feet with pedicures, balloons on our pink parts, catfighting, wrestling over balloons, pouting, breaking each other's balloons and other childhood games are played!

Photo Update 87: Bondage in Burgundy. Burgundy lipstick, burgundy dressing robe, burgundy looooong fingernails, and burgundy toenails. And.....BONDAGE! I am tied to my photographer's beautiful four poster bed with wrought iron finishing. A full head harness is placed over my head, with detachable blindfold in place. A bit gag is inserted into my mouth. Steel manacle shackles decorated with lion's head O-rings are attache! d to my neck, ankles and wrists. A spreader bar forces my legs! to stay open. He straddles me to get me exactly where he wants me on the bed, and leaves pre-cum stains on my burgundy dressing gown. He unbuttons each burgundy button, one by one, each one revealing more and more of my creamy skin. I feel so helpless. So vulnerable. So feminine. So SEXUAL!!! SO EXCITED!!! He brings out the dreaded powerful vibrating wand, and teases me with it, placing it on my nipples, my breasts, my stomach, my thighs, my kitty lips, and finally my clit. He brin! gs me to the brink then teases me again by moving it away. I cry and beg for orgasm. Finally, he forces me to orgasm over and over and over again, until I am crying and begging for him to stop stimulating my ultrasensitive clitoris. My nipples are rock hard from the never-ending orgasms rocking my entire body. My burgundy-enameled long fingernails dig into the palms of my hands. After I am laying in an exhausted puddle of my own juices, he unshackles me and turns me over on my belly. Unable to resist, a! wash with endorphins and pheremones, he puts a dildo into my kitty and makes it vibrate. I squeal and moan. This gets him more excited so he flips me back over on my back. He uses my breasts to masturbate over and gives me his "contribution" to the shoot - a nice hot load of his cum on my creamy white DD breasts! I LOVE bondage! A few nice feet-in-bondage shots for you foot fetishists, too! Special thanks to John and Starla of and for providing the leather hogtie restraint, the full face harness with detachable gags of all types, the steel manacle shackles and the spreader bar.

Update 88: Blue Dildo, Blue Language. Do you like it when a lady gets raunchy? When she talks trashy? When dirty, nasty, filthy words come out of her pretty pink lips? Does that turn you on and make that cock throb? Well, then, are you in for a treat! Please be su! re you watch for the video of this update to go live here. It ! will be called "Blue Dildo, Blue Language." In this update you can see photos of me pleasuring myself as I talk dirty to the video camera. I shove that dildo HARD into my kittybox, squeeze it tight, in and out, in and out, and then treat you to close ups of me sucking off my own juices with my slutty, dirty mouth. Down to wet lips, then up to wet lips, mmmmm tastes so GOOD! Nice spread shots of my kitty too - slick with my juices. Long fingernail fetishers will love this one too, with the closeups of my k! itty being spread wide open with my pretty burgundy painted nails. Ad for all you fans of my 40DD tits, a few close ups of my breasts with their cute pointy coral nipples standing straight up, with the dildo in between them. Hope gou like!

Update 89: Feet, Feathers and Floozies! There are so many fetishes going on in this update, I will try to remember them all! Feather boa. Tic! kling. Naughty lingerie. Stockings and garter belts. Pantyhose. Fishnets. High heels. Pedicured feet. Long fingernails. Decorated nails. Bi/bi/bi action. Nipples. Domme Femme/fem domination/submission. Stiletto heels on face cheek and breasts. Kitty worship. And I am sure there are more! BJ Mature of SC2 is a lingerie slut. Fetish Fantasy is a pantyhose and foot worship queen. I am just....a slut! I think Fetish Fantasy and my Domme/submissive relationship is wearing off on BJ Mature. She got all Domme on me! Oh my gosh! Nobody was expecting THAT development! Watch the dynamic change as she commands me to crawl on my hands and knees and worship her kitty! It was a great moment! We tickle each other with BJ's long black feather boa, and play with each other's breasts, nipples and kitties. Oral sex is a must, and I finger BJ's nice tight wet kitty with a few fngers, and then her brown hole. OOOH so tight! Finally, they both dominate me with their shoes on my chest and face. I! loved it!

Update 90: Feather Fetish and Tickle Torture! FetishFantasySC2 has me helpless in a pair of wooden stocks, and tickles me with an ostrich feather and a royal blue plume. She mixes the tickling with a magic wand vibrator that forces orgasm after orgasm from me, as well as caressing my lily white skin with a beautiful purple suede flogger. You can see the sweat rolling down my body, and the goosebumps on my skin as she wrings one climax after another. Back to the tickling she goes, under my armpits, down by my pedicured feet, around my sensitive belly...she has no mercy! Fetishes included are: Stocks Helplessness Pedicured Feet Long Fingernails Feathers Tickling Goosebumps Forced Orgasm Leather Sweat Hairpulling Ruined Makeup. Special thanks to John and Starla of for their beautiful wooden stocks and purple flogger.

Update 91: Lust and the Lecturn. Cowboy4U escorts me to the wooden chapel and up unto the lecturn. Fingering me and using his thumb to bring me to climax, I melt on the lecturn like an ice cream sundae left unattended at a potluck social. Then I treat him to a blow job. Turn the other cheek, so to speak. Hey! Who's that woman in the denim jumper? Why, it's Fetish Fantasy making a cameo appearance!

Update 92: Pig Swill and the Prostitute. The world's oldest profession. Men frequent them because of their proficiency in the erotic arts. Women revile them because of their sexual freedom. A woman in a primitive community is found in the act, and is dragged from her bed. Wearing nothing but the bedsheet around her, she is judged and found guilty by the townspeople. Wives are allowed to write their opinion of her on her skin. Men jeer, yet they were visiting her bed only hou! rs ago. Pig swill is thrown at her. Eggs, rotten red peppers, ! red onio ns, coffee grounds, other fermenting vegetables, and whatever else nearby is thrown at her. Yet she remains with her dignity intact, proud of what she does, knowing full well that the women will still be jealous of her, but the men will be back tomorrow night. Stocks/bondage Messy feet Messy shoot. Special thanks to John and Starla of! for the use of their upright stocks.

Update 93: Messy Pudding. BJ Mature invites me over to her kitcben to make some chocolate pudding. You can see that in a future update. For this one, we enjoy the fruits of our labors . . . messy chocolate pudding with whipped cream sprayed on our nipples!

Update 94: Negligee Twins. BJ Mature and I find out that we each have the very same negligee! Pink lace with black ribbon trim! And! she has matching black thigh highs with black ribbons! For the very first time on Southern Charms, I wear full pantyhose! We give each other hugs and kisses, and press our twin breasts clad in the same type of nightie close together. She and I try on her beautiful high heeled shoes together. We admire each other's manicures, my very long nails, and our pedicures. I show her my toe rings. She decides to lick my feet! Of course, I have to return that pleasure. We are both tied up in bondage, gagged, blindfolded, and have very strooooong vibrators placed on our clits and kitties. Boy, do those things make us PURR! And we continue licking and sucking each other's feet and toes to add to the pleasure, and to the TICKLING! Yes, I am ! very ticklish, and BJ made sure to take advantage of that! And we both orgasmed until we begged for mercy. All you guys who love my ass, and love pantyhose, will FINALLY get to see the two together. Update 95:  Three women and hosiery.  T! his is a great shoot for hosiery fetishists and foot worship f! etishist s.  There is a lot of toe sucking in this one!  Lots of extreme close-up shots with beautifully manicured fingernails holding open all the beautiful soft folds of pink vaginas for you to see!

Update 96:  Soap bubbles!  This was a playful update where I start out wearing a negligee and play with soap bubbles, trying to blow huge bubbles and lots of tiny bubbles.  Of course, the negligee has to come off when it gets covered with the bubbles!  Lots of bubbles-and-feet shots.

Update 97:  Swimming pool update.  A nice warm waterfal gets my nipples all perky, and I use my favorite toy in the shallow part.  Inside the member's area are ten clips where I masturbate both vaginally and anally!

Update 98:  Panty hose lovers, bondage lovers and tickle torture lovers - this update is for you!  By popular demand, I am tied up in my pantyhose!  Then my evil photographer takes an electric toothbrush and tickles me with it.  There are seven clips where you can hear me being tickled and I giggle my pantyhose-clad ass off!

Update: 99:  BJ Mature and I make a mess on her kitchen floor with chocolate pudding and whipped cream.  My artistic side takes over and I make faces on her ass with the whipped cream and juicy pudding.  I write dirty words on her with the pudding and slather more pudding and whipped cream all over her opening and lick it clean.  YUMMY!

Update 100: S! carves.  Over a dozen scarves are covering my soft lily w! hite ski n.  One by one, the scarves are removed revealing more and more of my naked flesh until finally it is revealed that all I am wearing is a black thong, which soon disappears and all my womanhood in it's glory is exposed wide open for you.

Update 101:  Retro.  All sepia-toned photo with me in a retro kitchen wearing nothing but stiletto high heels and a trenchcoat - but not for long!

Update 102:  Dirty date.  I am dressed in a long black sparkly dress that glitters and we have just gone out on a date.  We got so horny that you took me to a cheap motel room where I suck your big hard rod off.

Update 103:  Horny maid. Dressed in a fishnet! french maid outfit, I use a feather duster, toilet bowl brush and ashtray in very naughty ways.

Update 104:  Racing flames scarf.  Draped with a long scarf over my body and heels, I stand, crawl, and lay posed for you and masturbate using the scarf between my legs, and use the shoe heels on myself like a nasty girl does, and suck off the juices afterwards.

Update 105:  Naked painting.  I strip of my clothes and use a paintbrush to paint a ceiling naked, and use the paintbrush handle as a dildo.

Update 106:  Full slips.  Dressed in a full black slip and tan full slip, We slowly undress each other, play with each other, and show you ALL ou! r stuff!  

Update 107:  Dressed in a skimpy lounging camisole and panty, I get undressed and pour hot candle wax on myself and make rivers of wax cover my naked flesh and get into all my cracks and crevices.

Update 108:  Pearls.  Strings of pearls get placed in all sorts of different body parts in this girl-on-girl update.

Update 109:  Pink holy shirt, pink vibe in holes.  A shirt that has been strategically altered to have nipples poke through is featured while I use a pink G-spot vibrator on myself.

Update 110:  The pearl girls play with each other some more, and those pearls get even more use.

Update 111:  Granny bras and grannie panties:  More girl-on-girl fun as we strip off each other's old fashioned bras and panties! We just cannot resist touching, stroking, and kissing all those juicy parts.

Update 112:  Paige Allyson and I bask in an oversized tub full of bubbles as we get to know each other through touching and kissing as only another girl can do!

Update 113:  Sammie morphs into her alter ego:  Professional dominatrix Mistress Trysta.  Here she uses a flogger on Paige Allyson and does a bit of pussy-slapping, and prepares Paige for some strap-on fun.

Update 114:  Wearing nothing! but fis hnets and a thong, sammie AKA Mistress Trysta uses a strap-on on Paige Allyson.

Update 115:  Two sluts in a stairwell.  Sluts wearing high heels, hats, tight shorts and tops show off their asses and play with each other in a stairwell.

Update 116:  Three short skirts in a stairwell.  LOTS of upskirts with not one, not two, but THREE slutty girls!

Update 117:  Cigar, balcony and sunset.  Enjoying a beautiful sunset on the balcony of a resort, I get naughty and lift up my cover-up higher, and higher and can see everything as I keep smoking that cigar!  And the sunset wasn't bad to see either!  Finally, the cigar is hel! d by my feet in between pedicured toes.

Update 118:  Another sunset.  Same balcony, another sunset.  I show off my legs, feet, tits and ass with the beautiful Florida sunset as a backdrop.  When the sun is gone, I go back into the bedroom and and get fully naked and show you everything else you missed out on the balcony.  Lots of ass photos on my hands and knees.

Update 119:  Poolside.  Rose Ryder and I get to know each other next to a beautiful swimming pool.  Our bent over naked asses side by side is a beauty to behold.

Update 120:  Fetish Fantasy and I celebrate Valentine's Day in the park with helium heart shaped balloo! ns that we pop using our cigars - in between puffs, of course!!   O ops, there go the regular red balloons too!  Balloon fans will like this one.  And We just cannot resist flashing each other in the public park!

Update 121:  One Mature Vixen and I enjoy each other poolside all dressed up in our sexy Valentine's Day lingerie.  She's got these sexy red fuck-me pumps that are sooo hot...before long we are fondling each other's lovely naked backsides.

Update 122:  Powder blue nighties and glass dildo.  BJ Mature and I wear matching powder blue lingerie and use her glass dildo on each other anally and vaginally.

Update 123:  Meanwhile, back at the resort...A lovely bedroom is set up with candles galore, a! nd I get very turned on.  EXTREME close-ups of my very wet and juicy pink parts.

Update 124:  Rose Ryder and I get completely naked and touch, fondle, kiss, lick and suck by the poolside.

Update 125:  Fetish Fantasy and I play on the stairs of a four story wooden observation deck.  Upskirts, toe sucking, thongs...Good thing the Audobon Society wasn't there that day!

Update 126:  Higher up on the observation tower, a beautiful marshland stretches out to the horizon, but on the wooden dek, we explore each other with fingers and tongues.

Update! 127:  Girdles and a corset.  My blond came through.! ..Rose R yder, BJ Mature and One Mature Vixen showed up to shoot in full body girdles...and I wore a corset!  They were gracious enough to shoot with me anyway!  We get very friendly standing up, bending over in a row of asses, and on the bed together.

Update 128:  Black sexy opaque pantyhose with a cut-out effect on the backs from toe to ass, and a sparkly gold tank top soon find their way on the floor as I lean back on a couch and pleasure myself.  Nice close-ups just where you want it!

Update 129:  The love swing and the strap-on.  Fetish Fantasy is suspended in a love swing, and I finally get to use my strap-on on her.  Ten video clips where you will see and hear her HUGE orgasm!  If you like natural bush, you'll love her blond muff hai! r.

Update 130:  New purple toy.  Friends share their toys.  And so I am reclined on an old fashioned setee, where a new purple toy is used on me.  Extreme close-ups where you can see the wetness on me and the toy.  Great extreme close-ups of my nipples, bent-over ass with pink parts peeking through, and kissing, too.

Update 131:  The hayfield.  Sunset on the farm, and I leave my DNA all over the bale of hay as I get on top of it and get dirty on it.

Update 132:  The Succubus.  The succubus finds a sleeping innocent and uses her teeth to remove scarves one by one, revealing the naked woman.  The succubus uses her tongue! to lick the private parts and take away the last shred of res! istance from her victim.