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Are you active in your local BDSM community?

I used to be extremely active. I happened to live in a part of the USA where there was always something going on in a 100 mile radius.  My favorite place to play was Sir Steffan's in the Tampa area.  It's a private home with a fully equipped large dungeon space.  Email me for information to learn more about it, as well as my screen names on the major BDSM personals/networking sites.  Now that I am in Las Vegas, I used to haunt The Power Exchange unt! il it was shut down.

Professionally, about six years ago, I took my many years of being a bottom and a submissive, and used that experience to become a professional dominatrix.  My clients came from all over the United States.  However, I have since retired.

Have you always been a BBW?

No.  For many, many years I was a size 12 and weighed about 140 - 150 lb.  Now! I am steady around 275 lb., size 22-24. Do I miss being a siz! e 12? &n bsp;Honestly?  Not really.  There are many, many wonderful men who appreciate a larger woman with curves and like me just the way I am.  The reality of that last sentence made me realize that I do not have to be skinny to be happy and to be desired.  I am actually much happier now, probably the happiest I have ever been in my life.  I enjoy expressing my self-acceptance through my photos and videos on here.  

Would you meet me?

There are millions of people who come to visit my state every year for vacation.  I see no reason why we could not meet ov! er a glass of wine or dinner with a chaperone. I enjoy meeting people and I would definitely be honored to have the opportunity to meet my members.  But I do have a very hectic schedule!  Plus, you need to know that meeting you does not mean we will have sex!

Why did you join Southern Charms? 

Throughout the years, my activities have been photographed for the pleasure of my partners and myself.  It was suggested to me that I join SC and share with many other people who are curio! us or active about my lifestyles - BDSM, swinger, nudist, Tant! ra, etc.  The more I thought about it, the more it made sense!  I am not embarrassed about what I do.  To me, it is beautiful.  It is fulfilling.  It is validating.  SC has opened up a world of new experiences for me, many of which you can see in my member's section, that I otherwise would not have explored!  I am very grateful for that.

Why aren't you involved with anyone?

Because I am happy with just me.  I do not need someone at this point in my life to "fulfill" me or "complete" me.  I really like who I am and enjoy being alone, and m! y life is very busy - usually too busy, in fact - to adequately take care of the needs of a significant other.  But if Master Right came along, I would have to seriously reconsider my priorities ;-)  Plus, at this stage in my life, I am very, VERY picky!  I do not want or need to settle for less just to have a companion.  In the meantime, I am very blessed with absolutely wonderful close friends, friends with benefits, play partners, and I can also get all the sex I need through the many swingers clubs in my area or through my work!

How long have you been involved in BDSM?

Eve! r since I can remember, going back as young as 5 years old, I interpreted certain types of pain as pleasurable.  (I have no memories of anyone abusing me - my earliest memories are of using hairbrushes on myself, and ribbon for self-bondage.)  It just grew from there!  I cannot ever imagine being "vanilla," because I have never been "vanilla."  That's just the way I'm wired up.  

How do you identify yourself sexually?

I identify myself as a bisexual, polyamorous, non-monogamous, hedonistic, masochistic, nymphomaniac, bottom to many, submissive to few, and slave to the One I have not yet met.  

Will you do a smoking photo session for me?

Because of bad lungs and allergy to cigarette smoke, I cannot do any cigarette smoking.  But I do have a good number of cigar smoking videos and photo sets in the members section.  

What do you do for fun?

I like to hang out with my partners in crime at nightclubs, swinger parties, BDSM parties and dungeons, go to the nude beach or spend a day at nudist resorts, spend hours in metaphysical shops holding rocks, go nekkid camping with swingers (better if there's a roaring bonfire), go tubing down a river, spoil my cats and give them catnip (almost free entertainment!) visit Native American pow-wows, go hiking in the woods, read, get tied up and have (consensual) naughty things done to me, serve a handsome Master, ride on the back of a motorcycle, browse the web, get erotic massages, get therapeutic massages, sit naked in a hot tub with like-minded people with a glass of wine under a full moon and a gazillion stars discussing important things like 1. how the universe got here, 2. the meaning of li! fe and 3. the absolute perfection of a Snickers bar.  

I want to send you something.  How do I do that?

 Aw, you're so sweet!  Thanks!  You can send me gift certificates online (,,,,, and many others, just ask), or you can send me items through the mail.  I am always grateful for lingerie, sexy high heels, anything metaphysically related, toys, jewelry (OOOHH, SHINY!!!  Me want!), perfume, chocolate, things that taste good, things that smell good, things that feel good, and much more.  Contact me for size information (size changes according to each individual manufacturer) and my P.O. box information.  If you send me anything, it must be new and in an unopened original! package.  I'll send you a picture of me enjoying it as a little "Thank You."

Have you really been asked these questions or did you make them up?

I did not make these up, including this one, LOL!