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Panties, Panties and MORE Panties!

Yes, I am a lingerie whore.  I grew up with three older brothers and was a tomboy and played every sport they did.  But when it comes to my unmentionables, I am such a girly-girl!  I love sexy panties and matching bra sets of all kinds.  Cotton, lace, nylon, silk, satin, oh my gosh, each sexy material feels so sensual next to my bare lily white skin.  And what to put on that big bubble butt?  Thongs, g-strings, cheeky boy shorts, tangas, hipsters, granny panties?  I love them ALL!  Some cover up my ass and leave it to your imagination.  Some show off my ass-ets with nothing more than a tiny thin wisp of cloth covering the crack!  I used to favor black, but lately I have bee! n in a huge pastel mood.

Ok, here is your assignment if you dare:  Let me know which one you think looks best on me.  And what is your favorite style in general?  Just because it's your favorite doesn't mean it looks best on me.  And what color looks best on me against that creamy skin?  I need your opinion!

I had fun trying on all these panties for you.  Each one was up against the most intimate part of my body, and my womanly scent was transferred over.  Don't you wish you could have a sniff?  It smells like sweet nectar.

So vote, and if you have any questions about a specific pair, I w! ill be happy to answer it.

z033108x101.jpg z033108x102.jpg z033108x103.jpg z033108x104.jpg z033108x105.jpg
z033108x106.jpg z033108x107.jpg z033108x108.jpg z033108x109.jpg z033108x110.jpg
z033108x111.jpg z033108x112.jpg z033108x113.jpg z033108x114.jpg z033108x115.jpg
z033108x116.jpg z033108x117.jpg z033108x118.jpg z033108x119.jpg z033108x120.jpg
z033108x121.jpg z033108x122.jpg z033108x123.jpg z033108x124.jpg z033108x125.jpg
z033108x126.jpg z033108x127.jpg z033108x128.jpg z033108x129.jpg z033108x130.jpg
z033108x131.jpg z033108x132.jpg z033108x133.jpg z033108x134.jpg z033108x135.jpg
z033108x136.jpg z033108x137.jpg z033108x138.jpg z033108x139.jpg z033108x140.jpg
z033108x141.jpg z033108x142.jpg z033108x143.jpg z033108x144.jpg z033108x145.jpg
z033108x146.jpg z033108x147.jpg z033108x148.jpg z033108x149.jpg z033108x150.jpg