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Did you know that I do custom photo sets and videos JUST FOR YOU?  Unlike other web girls, if you purchase a custom video and/or photo set from me, they are not sold anywhere else on the internet, they are made exclusively according to YOUR design and only for YOUR enjoyment!

  Maybe there's an unusual fetish you would like to see, or maybe you want a video with me saying specific dialog to you, using your name.  Maybe! there's an activity that I don't feel comfortable having the whole world see me do, but for a special fan like yourself, I'll do it especially for you, for your eyes only.

It's easy to get a custom video or photo shoot from me. Just email me telling me what type of activity you want, any special things you want me to say, any certain outfits to wear or props you want me to use, whether you want it to be a solo or to include other performers, and a script - all that helps me envision what you want your finalized custom shoot to look like.  Also, let me know the approximate length of video or number of photos you had i! n mind (VERY IMPORTANT!).  My photographer and I ! will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Why should you get a custom shoot from me?

I have been on Southern-Charms since April 25, 2006.  Throughout that time, I have built up a solid reputation of giving the customer what he wants in a timely manner.  I am here for the long run, not to make a quick buck and cheat you out of your money and vanish into thin air.  My current photographer and I have been workin! g together since April 2010. His work speaks for itself an he is making quite a name for himself in the pro-am porn world.

Your video and photos are shot with excellent equipment, excellent lighting, capturing excellent angles and finished with excellent editing techniques.  The quality of your finished product is superior.  You never have to worry about graininess, poor lighting, blurriness, shadows blocking your view or anything else that would be a detriment to your finished product.

We strive to follow your script and your! request s to get you exactly what you want. Your happiness MATTERS to me.

So don't be shy, send in your idea for your very own custom shoot, and let me and my photographer work our magic for YOU!